Creative 101: The Rules of Attraction

Creative 101: Rules of Attraction 🍒

People talk about becoming the best versions of themselves. Any time I hear that, I always have to think to myself - are you?  How do you know when that happens? Is it because doors that were once closed begin to open and people invite you in - or are you suddenly knocking on the right doors? 

The rules are simple as is the outcome. If you want positive things to happen in your life, be assertive, be open to ideas and most importantly, be kind to yourself and others. Sounds easy doesn't it? 


What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.

- Buddha

What do you wake up for in the morning? Hopefully, it's for something, a purpose, an ambition that keeps you up at night, because you want it so bad. Take the long way if you need to, shortcuts lead you down a farther path than you needed to be. But, don't be at a standstill. Move forward and work like someone very important is watching you. Make yourself and the quality of your work a very valuable thing.  An important person once told me that "Image is everything." I won't go into the context of that conversation, but I still use the honesty of that comment as a reminder to myself. How am I putting myself out there? What I think of myself will always have to come first, because I have to know better than anyone what's best for me. I gave up on the things that were not healthy or making me 100% happy.  Stop doing things that delay your happiness, or derails your path to success. 

I believe that simple minds think alike. And that great minds, talk less, think passionately and do more. At some point, I turned away from anything that didn't challenge me. That's who I am, I need to be influenced, inspired, and driven to do more. Fuck standing still. I'm comfortable being the person that is willing to go the extra mile. Sometimes working past 1am gets you closer to your goals and perhaps puts you ahead of the race. 

And then it just happens. 

photo by  Natalie Wilson

This happens: An email comes through your inbox. It's from someone you wanted to work with months ago, but never heard a reply back. Now all of a sudden, this person wants you in their circle and is interested in what you have to offer. 

This happens: After four years of honing and over-honing, deleting, re-starting, re-honing and workshopping a screenplay, someone finally wants to talk to you. This person sees something in you that is worth a face to face. 

This happens: It only took you five years to pay your dues just so that you've gotten the courage to finally ask for what you truly want. You have a serious sit down with the person who is responsible in giving it to you. And just like that, it's yours. 

Amy Poehler is right and Buddha is right. The best things do not happen overnight, if they do, please question all motives. Good things take time, error, learning, re-learning, mentoring and ultimate devotion and over 1,000 hours of elbow grease. Once you learn that hard work pays off, only then will you accept it when good things start to happen. Do it because you love it. The right things will find you and accept you. Just don't give up.