5 Things To Know Before Heading Off to College

*photo: Barnard.edu

Written by Madeleine Cotton

illustration by Bodil Jane // DNAMAG

You Might Not Like Your Roommate (Not the End of the World) 

Before move in day, chances are you have either chosen to room with someone you know or opted to have a randomly picked roommate. Maybe you will become friends with this person, but it is not a big deal if there is no connection. Do not get stressed out about this, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people. Whether or not you become friends, you just want a roommate you can trust. (illustration: Bodil Jane

Sara Andreasson // DNAMAG

Know Where to Find Great Food

Most colleges have a meal plan, but sometimes the food isn’t the best. Work on finding food spots to go on weekends when you get tired of the cafeteria. It is important to have a go to spot throughout college in order to make fun memories and explore beyond the campus boundaries. (illustration: Sara Andreasson)

illustration by Laura Callaghan // DNAMAG

Learn to Manage Your Time When it Comes to Grades and Having Fun

Many people make the mistake of getting bad grades during their first year due to distractions such as going out and getting used to the freedom of college. This does not mean you cannot do those things, it just means you have to learn to manage your time. Procrastination has to stop. When something is assigned during the week, do not wait until the weekend to get it done or else you will dig yourself into a hole. Do it sooner so you can have the option of going out or exploring during the weekends. (illustration: Laura Callaghan

illustration: Kate Pugsley // DNAMAG

Don’t Take Your Whole Closet

I made the mistake of bringing every last bit of clothing to college, and about half of it just sat there the whole year. Limit your wardrobe down to what you know you will wear. Chances are you will want to experience different styles in college, and this way more storage is available in your closet to add to. (illustration: Kate Pugsley)

illustration: Megan Galante // DNAMAG

Don’t Worry If You Still Haven’t Chosen Your Major

Choosing a major is very difficult, because you have no idea what you are getting into. You may have an idea and run with it, but no one knows the full extent of a field until they are actually studying hours a day for it. If you are stressed about choosing a major and have no clue what you are interested in, the last thing you want to do is pick one and hate it. Instead, take a range of courses and let your decision h,appen naturally. (illustration: Megan Galante