What Crystals Help You During Mercury Retrograde ⚡️

illustration by  @ameyasrealm

illustration by @ameyasrealm

by Breanna Washington

It’s the time of the season..retrograde season that is. Mercury is going into retrograde again, and this time in Cancer. When a planet goes into retrograde, it’s actually just in a resting state, so whatever that planet rules - Mercury, communication, travel, technology malfunctions a bit. Miscommunication is bound to happen and things could not go your way during this time but it’s all to remind you to slow down and process these things. If something just does not seem to be going your way, it is simply trying to focus your attention in that area.

Mercury retrograde is pointing out where you need to heal.

Society as a collective really gets shaken up when mercury retrogrades, because we’re so used to Mercury like energy. We’re used to booking a flight and flying out the next morning, ordering something online and receiving it immediately, being able to text or FaceTime anyone with the convenience of our phones. Mercury is simply reminding us to slow down and breathe. We’re not meant to be juggling tasks and projects as often as we do. Mercury retrograde is pointing out where you need to heal. The spots that hurt the most are the places you need to work on, and if you take the steps to heal yourself and acknowledge where you’re needing more attention, you can benefit greatly from a retrograde.

Crystals that can help you carry on this energy throughout this cycle include:

via @torontocrystals - fluorite


Fluorite helps with mental clarity allowing for a shift in perspective. It can help one tell the difference between what’s in your control and what isn’t. A stone to keep you focused.

Amazonite crystal from Brazil via Etsy


Amazonite can assist in communicating one’s true thoughts and feelings without becoming entangled and overwhelmed by emotion. This stone helps you see both sides of an issue which can include inner conflict.

Black Obsidian crystal via Amazon.com


Known as ‘The Teacher Stone’ black obsidian is very powerful for it does not cater to ego; rather it exposes dark truths to help one face their true self. It can also be used to clear negative energies within one’s environment.

Garnet crystal via Etsy


Garnet purifies and balances energy. It can alleviate emotional disharmony and expand awareness.

Crystals contain a lot of different healing properties. You can carry them on your person, set them next to your bed, wear them, put them underneath your pillow and virtually it’s all about your comfort level. Whether you’re coming to terms with a new life path, trying to clear your heart for karmic cycles to end and begin, or you’re simply remembering to slow down while keeping an eye out for the things that DO go right during this month; Mercury retrograde is here for all of it. Take time for yourself and really use this opportunity to free yourself of any illusions or old energy that isn’t working for you anymore. Happy healing!