5 Things To Buy During Mercury Retrograde 🌒

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Originally published August 17th, 2017

Mercury Retrograde makes all of us feel like we're being punished even though we are not. The gist of it is that when Mercury, the planet nearest to the Sun is retrograde, it appears to move "backwards" east to west. When we view it from planet Earth, it actually looks like an optical illusion. In laymen terms, here's my personal knowledge of Mercury Retrograde: 

  • Because of the whole reversal in orbit, things from your past comes up. So, always wear lipgloss when going to the corner store in case you run into an ex-lover.

  • Delays delays delays. This doesn't mean that you get a pass on arriving late to meetings and brunch dates, rather things may have a way of coming later than sooner as expected. It's really a freelancer's nightmare as money owed takes its pretty little time to get to you.

  • Signing contracts and agreements are a no-no. This does make a lot of sense, because if the planetary vibes are moving backwards, how would it be feasible to assume that moving forward is a positive thing?

  • Not a great time to start or launch new projects. All beginnings need a good push from above, right? Well, it would be best to wait until retrograde passes. Trust on this one as I've learned this twice the hard way.

  • Don't buy any electronics or big ticket purchases. Try your best to steer clear of the Apple Store. If you're in need of repair, know that due to Mercury Retrograde you'll be spending more than necessary with little to no fix. And not a wise time to do any technical / software upgrades to any devices.

While we're all stuck in planetary limbo, retail therapy can be a savior. As long as you choose your merchandise carefully. (Remember, no electronics, that iPad can wait) 

What better way to ease the stress of Mercury Retrograde than some good old healing crystals. For my own sanity, I keep a set of amethyst around me (pocket, nightstand and work desk). 

SHOP FOR CRYSTALS / Amethyst Crystal

Destress and don't let your skin get the worst of it. Take care of you on the outside, and sometimes the right essential oils can work its way to making you feel good on the inside. 

RODIN OLIO LUSSO / Lavender Facial Oil

Take note, literally. With all sorts of emo feels and what nots (and who's) from your past revisiting, you'll want to get it down on paper. This time really is all about reflection and planning out your next moves. 

MONOCLE / Wallet Notebook in dark gry

Don't be a hermit during Retrograde, let your hair down and paint the town with a new dress. 


The right t-shirt can be uplifting. 

THE WING / In Sisters We Trust Long-Sleeve Tee

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