The Giving Not The Getting 🎁

The Giving Not the Getting via DNAMAG

It's that moment during the height of the commercial holiday season when you feel like something is missing. You think you're forgetting someone from your list, but alas it is you. You need something. Even though you have everything needed, what a great time to reflect and acknowledge that the giving doesn't have to stop. Before the year is over, or after one too many egg nogs, don't find fault in yourself if you feel like giving some more. 

  • ASPCA -  Donate to save animals from being abused and neglected. Did you know that you could also donate your car into a charitable contribution? 
  • National Pediatric Cancer Foundation - Support childhood and pediatric cancer research. Learn about their Sunshine Project, an innovative collaboration with the country's top doctors to increase the survival rate of children with cancer. 
  • International Children's Fund - Monetary gifts helps to distribute much needed food, clothing and medical supplies to children in Africa who are in dire need of the simple things that we probably take for granted. 
  • National Women's Law Center - We need to support women more than ever. This organization is devoted to defending women's rights in all areas of equality. Donations make it possible for the best legal minds in the country to work on the issues that matter most to women and their families. 
  • Physicians for Reproductive Health - They advocate for comprehensive reproductive health care policies. Consider this your letter to Santa Trump. Donations are in support of physicians voicing women's pro-choice needs and advocating to Congress. 
  • - Whether or not you believe in science or environmental laws, we as human beings living on a planet (any planet for God's sake!) are 100% responsible for climate change. Learn more about how to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy use. You can start by calculating your footprint.
  • Samartian's Purse - This international organization is built on ministries that go above and beyond to help feed, give medical attention, build homes/schools, provide support to refugees in the most troubled areas of the world. 

These charities are ones we believe in and have been noted via Charity Navigator to have valid scores in financials and public ratings. So, we wouldn't ask or suggest a group unless we researched its validity and efforts for its causes. We also selected charities that are not as super well known as others and could use a lot of extra love. GIVE GIVE GIVE! 

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