What's In My Travel Pouch ✈️

What's In My Travel Pouch via DNAMAG

If you're an avid traveler, you'll appreciate that my favorite thing to pack with carry-on is a leather pouch for my in-flight or on-train skincare routine. In the past I've forgotten to pack underwear, but my skincare pouch is always perfectly jet set ready to go. My skin tends to feel dry during elevation and I believe that it shows when you arrive to your destination. It makes for a better arrival if you're feeling and looking good. 

I love this pouch, it's a perfect size and it's super soft Italian leather. And it's handmade in New York, so if you can support small businesses, the better. 

Stingray Leather Pouch  by Marketa New York $45 

If I can't find a product in travel size, then samples it is. Start with the Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro-Water that removes makeup very easily and it's a toner and brightener all in one. No water rinse necessary, I usually use a cotton pad to apply and then pat the moisture in. Then, I give my face a quick and clean wash with my bible Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. For this I do use pocket-size wet cloths to wipe off all residue. 

When I'm in my mid to late 50's, my skin is going to thank me for having used this early on. Juice Beauty's Stem Cellular Exfoliating Peel Spray is a wonderful surprise to the skin and it's always good when you can literally feel the results. I now consider it the favorite part of my 10-step Korean skincare regimen. It's a quick and easy spray on the face, rub it gently around and wash it off (or wipe off with wet wipes or cloth). You almost can't feel the product on your face, and that's the beautiful mystery of it, but you feel the results minutes later. Skin is super soft to the touch. 

(*sponsored product, but my review is legit) 

One morning I woke up with a blemish, a stage one pimple. Distraught, but not worried, because since I've been religious with my 10-step skincare routine, blemishes usually disappear within 2-3 days. So, that morning I put on the 24K Gold Mask that's filled with snail mucin and gold apparently. Later on that day, I couldn't find the blemish at all. There you have it. I tend to do the sheet mask on longer flights and usually if the person seated next to me is zonked out so that I don't frighten them. The results are worthy of its title, your skin feels luxurious. 

What's In My Travel Pouch via DNAMAG

My standard serum is the Korean brand Power 10 Forumla PO Effector, because it's pretty affordable (I go through serums fast) and this one really minimizes pores and leaves skin porcelain smooth. I believe that you can never have enough Dr. Jart+, this BB Dis-A-Pore with SPF 30 gives me good coverage and moisturizes. The TAZO awake-english breakfast tea serves two purposes, both optional. Should I have pulled an all-nighter and need to get rid of under-eye circles, placing tea bags directly on to both eyes does the trick. Here's a well-explained tutorial on how simple it is to use tea bags as a beauty hack.  Or, if the mood should strike me, I can also enjoy a good cup of tea. (When was the last time you had a decent cup of airplane coffee?)