5 Signs You Have a Toxic Friend

5 signs you have a toxic friend // DNAMAG (ph: @alinevelter)

As much as it's hard to admit, we all have that one "nuisance" of a friend in our life. We say nuisance, because it's the friendlier term of what it really is, someone whose bravado is far out, who can sometimes say hurtful things without recognition of your feelings or other people's situation. Once it gets to that point, that person is no longer a nuisance, but toxic. 

5 signs that you have a toxic friend // DNAMAG

A toxic person is just downright negative. Nothing is satisfying in their eyes, they insist on seeing things in a downtrodden light. No one is good enough and no matter what the predicament is, they seem to attract drama and controversy. What separates you from this toxic friend is that he or she lives for chaos. Whereas you would rather fight for a solution to problems, toxic friend wants to revel in the drama. 

There's bad listeners and then there's that toxic friend who doesn't even let you get in a word in the conversation. This person lacks the intuitiveness and kindness to let other speak, because what really matters is their way of negative thinking. It's an awful thing not to be heard. Just know that this toxic friend does not care about your feelings. 

It's the only role they know how to play. Always being the victim is a form of being self-obsessed. They've become very good at it and have no qualms about dragging other people into their doom and gloom. Beware of this toxic friend, because once their energy attaches to yours, it will greatly effect you. 

5 signs you have a toxic friends // DNAMAG

When you have and exercise compassion, you are already living the best life. A giving and supportive nature are what makes the world good and can overpower any crisis. That toxic friend just doesn't get it. Some people really do lack the sensitivity chip, but it's not that it's missing in their DNA, they themselves choose to block it. 

A toxic person thinks it's cool to talk badly of others. If they can shit talk a friend or family member, it's a high chance that they treat people very poorly. Never trust a friend who can talk about you or anyone else behind their back. It's that lack of respect they have for others as well as themselves that contributes to their ongoing conflicts. If you can count on your fingers how many times this toxic friend has said something bad about another person, that's too much. 

Now that you know the telltale signs, detach from that toxic friend. Phase them out sooner rather than later so that you can do better things with your life. The company you keep affects all parts of your life and what comes to you. When one toxic friend leaves, a more loving, kind and awesome new friend finds a way to come into your life.

*opening image photographed by Aline Velter