5 Ways To Pay It Forward 💞

5 ways to pay it forward ... via DNAMAG

It shouldn't be the season of giving, because every single day should count for that. Paying it forward is not just good for the soul, but creates a shift of goodness into the Universe. In these times, we need more thoughtfulness. 

5 ways to pay it forward ... via DNAMAG

You don't need a $100, sometimes you don't even need a cent to pay it forward. What counts is the deed, and going out of your way to make someone else's situation easier, nicer. 


The next time someone in customer service or a food server does a good job, let them know. And let their supervisor know. It's as easy as sending an email with specific date, time and name of the person who assisted you and give props where appreciated. The service industry is not an easy one, because not everyone is a pleasure to deal with. The confirmation of a job well done is a wonderful feeling. Simple and effective. (*Don't forget to be generous with your tip giving, because everyone - including your food server has financial obligations. Put yourself in their shoes, it's not an easy job.) 


Starbucks started the human kindness trend that became viral; paying for someone else's drink in advance. I love this idea, because you never know what kind of a day someone's having, or going through financially. A complimentary cup of coffee, or a bagel, muffin or even giving cash to take care of the person behind you is a cool way to make someone's day brighter. My favorite is paying for someone else's drycleaning. A random surprise, the thought of putting a smile on someone's face is enough to put warm fuzzies within you too. The next time you're at the cleaners, offer to pay for a person's bill.  By doing so, you're going to make someone happy for no reason whatsoever. These small acts drops goodwill back into the Universe. 

5 ways to pay it forward...via DNAMAG


This sounds like it shouldn't be paying it forward, but as we live in a tech induced life now, people forget that manners count over everything. Every morning on the train, no one watches or looks at each other anymore. Faces are down, fingers are moving devotedly to our electronic devices. Then, an elderly woman boards and nobody looks up as her eyes search for a single open seat. A solution is simple, although it saddens me that it has to be such. Look up! Offer to give your seat to elderly people, handicapped passengers and pregnant women. Twenty years ago this wasn't as problematic, but in 2017 people have forgotten to take care of one another in this simplest fashion. 


This one has an adventurous feel to it, because the theory is encouragement and thoughtfulness. Write a brief note or letter expressing some form of inspiration or just a motivational quote and drop it in someone's mailbox. Maybe your neighbor, leave it on a co-workers desk or place in an envelope and address it to "YOU" and stick it on a car windshield. Imagine if you were going through some tough times and someone left it for you, it could be the sign you were hoping for to keep going. Good energy is contagious, so pass it on. 

5 ways to pay it forward ... via DNAMAG


If you have a beautiful garden, share the abundance. Or buy a small bouquet and drop it off at the nearest hospital to leave at a nurse's station. Take care of the caregivers. 

Remember, don't expect anything in return. Paying it forward is something you do on your own time and for selfless reasons.

*Disclaimer: Karma does find its way to you somehow, someday, some way. ✨