5 Eco-Conscious Fashion Brands

Anything to do with the natural environment and Mother Earth should be commemorated more than just one day of the year. Every day we need to appreciate the water that nourishes us, the air that we breathe, the landscapes and forests that instead of destroyed, should be coveted. But, what does fashion have to do with all that? Everything. We need to recognize how some of the major fashion retailers negatively impact the environment by the use toxic chemicals, water pollution, and increasing landfill waste. It took the rise of fast fashion to open their eyes to such realities. Make it important for you to know where your next new sweatshirt comes from, who made it, how and where was it made and at what cost. Then, maybe it won't be all about fast fashion, but about wearing things forever. 

SOPHIE MONET has been our long-time favorite of eco-friendly jewelry lines. She got us to really appreciate how wood is good, especially if it's well made into a pair of statement earrings. The collections are thoughtfully hand-designed and produced in Venice, California. 


DE SMET'S brand motto is to "buy less, buy better." We 100% agree to that and New York City designer Christina De Smet believes in slow, thoughtful fashion and production. Carefully selecting her purist fabrics by hand, De Smet values highly the construction of garments, while heavily inspired by architecture of organic forms. Collection is made-to-order in NYC and constructed of all natural, sustainable fabrics. 


REFORMATION puts sustainability at the core of everything they do. From investing in a green building infrastructure to minimize waste, water, and energy footprints to even providing on-the-job training and opportunities for growth. Founder Yaya Aflalo and the Ref team realizes the importance of investing in people who make the revolution possible. 


Designed and produced in Seattle, Washington, BALEEN is a jewelry line by husband and wife, Billy and Leah who believe that good design doesn't have to be expensive. Not only are they affordable trend pieces, but 95% are made from recycled materials. They put full efforts into zero-waste manufacturing, from production to packaging.  


EDUN'S mission has always been to source sustainable production and encourage trade in Africa by working with artisans and manufacturers to build long-term growth. The brand's core belief is to be sustainable now, and that we all have to be mindful of our global environment. Also striving for social impact and valuing the importance to use fashion to create new opportunities, reimagine trade and train new generations. 

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