Premiere: Maiah Manser "Second Skin (Crater Remix)"

Maiah Manser "Second Skin (Crater Remix)" via DNAMAG

There's something both beautiful and intriguing about reinvention--taking the same bits and pieces and reassembling them into something completely new. In this case, the bits and pieces are the emotive vocals of Seattle-based artist Maiah Manser and the end piece is a soaring remix by electronic duo, Crater.

DNAMAG is honored to be premiering the Crater remix of "Second Skin" by Maiah Manser. The original version of the song, off her debut EP of the same name, is a darkly beautiful, brooding track produced by Buddy Ross, Frank Ocean's longtime collaborator and keyboardist. Crater takes "Second Skin" and steers it into a completely different direction. The resulting is a sonic journey from the soft, ambient intro all the way to its rapturous finale. “We played with making it feel a bit more ambient and used pieces of her vocals to build what felt like an entirely different melody that fit with what spins into a four to the floor dance track.” Crater explains.

“When Crater wanted to remix my song "Second Skin", I knew they would take it in a whole new direction from the dark and heavy moodiness of the original track," Maiah says. "Cecilia Gomez of Crater and I used to work together, and, during our breaks, she would show me little developments and I was blown away by the creativity. I love the euphoric yet slow ambient build that eventually becomes a club banger, which makes me feel like I'm running around in a video game land.”

If the track sounds a little familiar, that’s because chances are you've already heard snippets of it online. "Second Skin (Crater Remix)" is featured in Vogue's official videos for the Met Gala.

“In a random turn of events, I received an email from filmmaker Gordon Von Steiner and his producer Kelly McGee about using my music in the official Vogue Met Gala videos and how they had found me through Soundcloud. I was already a fan of his work, but thought the email was a joke at first, however, it turned out to all be very real.” Manser says of the collaboration. “It's really amazing to see these gorgeous videos with supermodel Gisele Bündchen and actress Sasha Lane and hear a song that was made by me and my friends floating underneath. I'm really glad this remix got the attention it deserved.”

Listen to "Second Skin (Crater Remix)" below.

Written by Alexa Wilson 

*Opening image by Una Blue