Solange at The Guggenheim

Solange at The Guggenheim 'Ode to 2017' via DNAMAG

On May 18th Solange presented her interdisciplinary performance piece 'An Ode To' at The Guggenheim Museum in New York City. In participation with Red Bull Music Academy, attendees were asked to wear all white, while they sat and reveled in the masterful poetic musical journey of A Seat at the Table. With powerful sentiment, the artist exclaimed to the audience, “Being a black woman of color, I’m not settling for just being here, but tearing the f--king walls down.” 

Consistent with her movement to empower, Solange expresses through installation work, creative experimentation through re-constructing musical arrangements. What she does is important not to just women of color, but for the future of all women whose voices need to be heard. Besides wishing that we could have been there, we also thank Solange for moving things forward.