Girl To Know: Rainsford

Girl to know: Rainsford // DNAMAG

Written by Alexandria Yip  

Rainsford, also known as Rainey Qualley, creates music self-described as “minimal R&B weirdo-pop” (Paper Magazine). Her sound is barely “weird” however, it’s more of a traditional take on pop music- Rainsford simply puts her own twist on the genre, like with any other artist. Rainsford’s take on music is sexy and confident- better described as R&B dance sultry-pop. Rainsford teased this musical style with singles “Too Close” back in 2016 and “Rendezvous” in 2017, building up her fanbase and leading up to her E.P, Emotional Support Animal recently released in late April of 2018.

Girl to know: Rainsford // DNAMAG

The majority of the songs on the album are synth-heavy, but Rainsford’s voice is the main attraction in “Flowers in a Vase”. In S.I.D (Sunshine in December), Rainsford’s lyricism ultimately becomes the “Emotional Support Animal” that the album name promises- the lyrics are strong and confidently carried with Rainsford’s wide vocal range.

“Tonight we could fly away, c'est la vie fuck it, never looking back

Tonight let's just break the curse make it work I could be your ride or die

So high take me places I'd never find love it are you doing right

Tonight nothing's holding us it's dangerous but we could leave it all behind”

(S.I.D - Rainsford)

Rainsford collaborated with synth-pop musician Twin Shadow on track “Intentions”. In turn, the artist appeared on a Twin Shadow song titled “Brace”.  The two also worked closely in Rainsford’s music video for “Up in the Air”.
ph: Nylon

ph: Nylon

Rainsford has a unique vision for her music videos as well, with the video for “Intentions” incorporating a burnt-edged mirror, holographic body paint, and some graceful choreography, creating an artistic, out-of-the-box audiovisual experience for her audience.

Girl to know: Rainsford // DNAMAG

Aside from her music, you may also recognize the musician from a DVF ad or a Calvin Klein campaign- Rainsford is also a model. However, Rainsford prioritizes touring and producing music over posing for another campaign or magazine, “I’m into fashion, but my primary focus is music”, Rainsford tells Billboard.

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