Girl To Know: Ju Schnee

Ju Schnee is an illustrator and artist based in Berlin with murals in these creative cities; New York City, Hamburg, Barcelona and Berlin. She’s been a freelance designer since 2015 with commissioned work for Nike, Adidas, Dr. Martens and W Hotels. To say that her designs pop with color is an understatement. Schnee’s true love with typography and colors marry well, making grand statements. It’s how she views the world through her eyes. Colorful, ambiguous, sarcastic and provocative are words she uses to describe her illustrations.  If I had to describe her work, it is a bounce of positivity exploiting female empowerment, fashion, street trends and popular culture. The cheekiness is certainly present in ‘Girl With the Moschino Earring’.

Girl with the Moschino Earring illustrated by Ju Schnee // DNAMAG



Girl to know: artist Ju Schnee // DNAMAG

In April 2018 she was commissioned to paint a mural for the entry halls of the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn. The overall theme of abstract patterns fit the feel of the hotel’s style. In the hotel’s entry way, Schnee painted a quintessential Brooklyn bagel. For the entrance wall to the ballroom, Schnee focused on a dancing theme, and then of course a view of the Williamsburg Bridge.

Mural at the Williamsburg Hotel in NYC by Ju Schnee // DNAMAG
artist Ju Schnee  // DNAMAG
adidas Originals store in Berlin art by Ju Schnee

In November 2018, Ju Schnee painted the window of Adidas Originals flagship store in Berlin.

“My aim was to create a young and fresh vibe combined with typical Berlin landmarks.”

Force is Female; Nike Air Force 1 series, illustration by Ju Schnee

In collaboration with illustrator Josephine Rais and in partnership with Nike for its iconic Air Force 1, they focused on the topics equality, strength and diversity to depict the phrase The Force Is Female . The iconic Air Force 1 is a symbol of hustle, hard work, and success. The Force Is Female became a rally cry for women around the world to acknowledge each other's hustle and lift one another up to elevate entire communities.

Just as it states in Schnee’s IG profile, she is young, creative and needs the money. See more of Ju Schnee’s work here.