4 More Sheet Masks From FaceTory

Written by Alexa Wilson

Is your skincare routine really complete without the occasional face mask? They’re effective, affordable, and can even be a reminder to stop and take a minute (or 20) for yourself. Which coincidentally happens to be the theme of this set of masks from our favorite monthly Korean sheet mask subscription box, FaceTory. The last review we did for FaceTory focused on products that protect skin from the sun; but now that the clouds have rolled in, it’s all about the masks that help us find a little TLC in the chilly weather.

Tea tree leaf oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which work to clear acne, reduce redness, and refine skin texture. Combined with the equally as anti-inflammatory ingredient-of-the-moment, centella asiatica, Moksha’s Dear Tea Tree Mask is pretty much perfect for acne prone skin. Beyond targeting the underlying cause of blemishes, centella asiatica is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants while working to improve hyperpigmentation.

My immediate first impression was how much essence is in the packet. I love that there was lots of excess to use on my arms and neck after, but the mask is a bit messy. The essence is watery and doesn’t adhere super well onto the fabric so there were lots of drops falling while wearing it. Even if it was runny, it didn’t feel like I was losing all that much essence and the mask didn’t dry out luckily. Something else I noticed with this mask is the sizing. It’s bigger than others I’ve tried in the past so that is a cool feature for anyone who has a wider face shape and finds that there’s not enough surface area with most sheet masks.

When I decided to use this mask, I skipped out on a skincare routine for the past week and my skin was crying out for hydration. Sheet masks work best after cleansing and toning, but this one did great as a standalone product. The next morning, I noticed a significant difference in the look and feel of my skin. You could really tell that the essence had soaked into my skin leaving a soft, smooth appearance and a brighter complexion.

FaceTory’s Woah That H2O is perfect for Winter. Dropping humidity levels cause the water in skin to evaporate much quicker than it would otherwise so the products that are going to be the most effective will both provide deep hydration and work to retain that moisture. One of the key components of this mask, ceramide, is a powerful ingredient that does all that and more. It’s hydrating, strengthens the skin’s barrier to hold in moisture, and protects skin from exposure to pollution.

This is a 2 step mask treatment which comes with an ampoule to prep skin and add an extra boost of hydration.The product has a watery consistency, but it absorbs quickly so you don’t have to wait to move on to Step 2. It’s a solid ampoule and definitely does what it promises. The mask is definitely the main event though. It’s made from cupro which is derived from cotton, but it isn’t like a basic sheet mask. Cupro feels amazing because it’s soft and adheres to skin really well. Another thing I enjoyed with this product is the fit. Several sheet masks have really large cut outs for the eyes, but these are a bit smaller so the mask covers more surface area. This is great for me because the area under my eyes tends to get dry and develop fine lines so it’s important for me to keep that area hydrated as well. The essence itself feels so soothing and I could already tell my skin was just soaking in all the nutrients before even taking it off. It leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated, and totally refreshed.

I think the main appeal of multi-step masks for me is their convenience. This would be perfect to bring along while traveling instead of packing a whole separate bottle of ampoule. I’d also recommend this for all skin types, but especially if you have sensitive or extremely dry skin. One cause of eczema is the lack of sufficient ceramides so this should help alleviate some of those symptoms. I have a few friends who have eczema and I’m definitely going to purchase a couple to give them as gifts!

Everything about Nohj’s Herbs Fit Sheet Mask feels comforting. It’s thicker and slightly heavier than the standard sheet mask so it does a good job of really adhering to the face. The fact that it is a thicker fabric is great because you can really see that it’s completely saturated in essence. Some masks that are drenched in essence have a tendency to slide if you wear them while sitting up, but this one stayed in place and I could feel my skin happily soaking up all the nutrients. With this mask, lavender works on both a mental and physical level. The slight scent of lavender is aromatherapeutic, while the extract itself works beyond surface level to rebalance and soothe skin.

Although I’d recommend this product simply for the fact that it’s a super relaxing, luxe option to help unwind at the end of the day, it’s also super effective. My skin looked incredible the morning after really letting the ingredients soak in and work their magic. There was a noticeable firmness to my skin. It also felt really healthy and hydrated before even applying moisturizer.

If the theme of this set of masks is about treating yourself, this mask definitely ticks all the boxes. Luxurious formulation? Check. Features classically soothing ingredients? Check. The perfect companion for lounging in pajamas and catching up on Terrace House? Check.

Green tea naturally contains a compound called catechin that fights the effects of oxidation, a natural process in which our cells produce oxygen. In the same way oxidation causes iron to rust, this process damages skin cells and results in the production of free radicals and premature aging. Featuring both green tea and grapefruit extract, Botanic Farm’s Green Tea Mask is rich in antioxidants and directly fights against these effects to prevent the production of free radicals and simultaneously improve the health and appearance of skin.

This is a biocellulose mask so it adhered really well to my face and didn’t dry out. The most annoying thing with face masks is when one portion--it’s usually the upper lip or nose area, for me--dries out before it’s time to take it off. I’ve noticed this doesn’t really happen with non-standard sheet masks so the use of biocellulose fabric gets points from me.

It also holds a good amount of essence, feels very cooling, and doesn’t feel tacky after removing the mask and patting the excess formula in. It actually absorbs quickly and left my skin looking refreshed and glowy. This would be a good mask to use in the morning if you have extra time because it really wakes the skin up.

*Thank you FaceTory for sponsoring the products for review