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If we take any part of 2018 to heart, it was the year that Swedish singer/songwriter Lykke Li returned from a four year hiatus. Her 2008 debut album Youth Novels had us tapping our feet to “Dance Dance Dance”. In her newest fourth album so sad so sexy, there is less feet tapping and more feelings.

Listening to: Lykke Li 'So Sad So Sexy' // DNAMAG

The way so sad so sexy came about was through heartache from relationships and the newness of motherhood. In a recent interview with British Vogue, Li expresses honesty about how tough being a mother is and naturally how it has changed her as a woman. Not only that, but for a creative woman like Li, one who has never feared from experimentation, there was some struggle getting back into the groove of her music.

It took some inspiration from Beyonce’s Lemonade and watching Serena Williams HBO documentary Being Serena that gave Li some extra strength to dive deep into her musical soul. Perhaps it was the visual presence and amazing strength of these women having gone through the same challenges as mothers and artists.

Lykke Li 'So Sad So Sexy'  //  DNAMAG

so sad so sexy has some good trap beats to accompany the singer’s signature indie pop melodies set to electronica. However, there is a newer harmony to Li’s sound and along with it is different kind of woman. Some would say it’s slight maturity, bearing children will do that to you, artist or not, but if you listen closely to “Hard Rain”, there’s some classic Lykke Li in there. 

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