Watch: Influential Painter Cecily Brown is Totally Unaware

Influential British painter Cecily Brown // DNAMAG

“It’s an interesting idea that the painting reflects our society now and how disjointed it is.”

Cecily Brown is a British painter whose vivid depictions of fragmented bodies, often in erotic positions whilst entangled in colors and movement. “Art was something that seemed very glamorous and dangerous to me as a child,” she says in an interview with Louisiana Channel.

Brown has lived in New York since the early 90’s, her fountains of inspiration are artists like Willem de Koonig, Philip Gustoon and Joan Mitchell as well as British painter Francis Bacon. Her works distinctly present a female point of view at a world which in many ways has been created by men.

Watch Cecily Brown's interview // DNAMAG

“The phone is obviously the death of society and culture.” 

Brown is interviewed by Marc-Christoph Wagner at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark during her exhibition ‘Where, When, How Often and with Whom.’ In the video, Brown discusses her triptych painting ‘Where, When, How Often and with Whom’.

*Images and video via Louisiana Channel