Review: Billie Subscription Box

Written by Alexa Wilson

Of the many double standards in the world, the pink tax, a hike up of prices on products marketed towards women for absolutely no reason, ranks pretty high on the list of ridiculousness. We don’t think you should have to pay more for being a woman and Billie shares our sentiment. 

This female-first shaving company definitely is not here for double-standards, clichés, or those ridiculous commercials selling women’s shaving products without showing any body hair. Offering a subscription box including an initial package of a Billie handle, magnetic holder, and a duo of razor cartridges as well as a repeat delivery of 4 replacement cartridges. All of which features customizable colors, the option to add on extra goodies, free shipping, and a price point comparable to men’s shaving subscription boxes (it starts at just $9).

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Let’s start by talking about the crown jewel, the Billie razor. First of all, it’s the most visually appealing razor I’ve probably seen. I received both the coral and periwinkle (it also comes in a pale pink and baby blue if like pastels) and a matching magnetic holder. I’m not a big fan of this phrase, but it’s very Instagrammable. They’re sleek and minimalistic, but there’s no loss in grip. I’m a disposable razor type of girl so I could definitely tell the difference in quality right away. The blades are sharp and the spacing between them makes a real difference when it comes to making sure you get a consistently close shave. The blades are surrounded by an aloe soap that I found super soothing. I also think that little touch made a world of difference in locking in the nutrient-rich ingredients from the shaving cream/body wash without feeling like there was a layer of film on my skin. Another positive I have for this product is the fact that it leaves your skin looking genuinely smooth without any little bumps. The accompanying magnetic holder is pretty simple, but it has a long lasting stick factor and looks cute. Not to mention, it helps maintain the longevity of the blade and surrounding aloe gel. 

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In addition to the razor, holder, and replacement razor cartridges, you can opt to add a shaving cream, body wash, and/or body lotion to your subscription box. Billie’s shaving cream is non-aerosol and features ingredients like aloe, sage, shea butter, and grapefruit. I love that this is a non-aerosol product because you use less product while getting the same job done and extending your use. It’s a rich formula that’s got quite a thick consistency once you lather it on which I liked. My only complaint would be in the interaction between the shaving cream and the aloe soap surrounding the razor. I’m not sure what the chemical reaction going on is, but the aloe soap takes on a mucus-like consistency when it interacts with the cream. This build up acts like a barrier to prevent the razor from doing its job so you effectively have to swipe, rinse, swipe, rinse. You still end up with a good shave, but it was a bit of a disappointment for me.

Read our beauty review of Billie Subscription Box // DNAMAG

Billie’s body wash can actually stand in as a shaving cream. It’s less thick in consistency and I didn’t get that aloe slime effect when I tried shaving with this product instead. On the ingredients front, Billie utilizes heavy-hitters like coconut, aloe vera, grapefruit, and rosa canina. As mentioned, it lathers into a lush, creamy consistency that feels pretty luxurious. I’m not a huge fan of scented body washes so this was just my cup of tea. There is a subtle grapefruit scent, but it’s essentially non-existent and won’t mix with whatever scent you like to wear for the day. Moreover, it leaves skin feeling super clean and moisturized all day.

Read our beauty review of Billie Subscription Box // DNAMAG

The final potential add-on to your box subscription is Billie’s body lotion whcih is made from hydrating, protective ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and grapeseed oil. Rich without being too thick, this lotion absorbs quickly and infuses moisture into your skin nearly immediately. Their formula also doesn’t leave you looking dewy, it’s more of a matte, subtle glow which I personally prefer. How long the effects of a product lasts is something I always like to pay attention to when trying new products and this lotion passes the test. It kept my skin feeling hydrated and smooth all day. One drawback for me that could a positive for you is the scent. All of Billie’s products are grapefruit scented, but it’s strongest in their body lotion. I’m just not a big fan of the scent, but if you love the smell of citrus then you’d probably really like this!

To wrap an aesthetically pleasing bow on my Billie review, I have to say the products are affordable, effective, made with natural ingredients, and all wrapped up in amazing packaging for a super fair price. This is a practical, utilitarian shaving subscription box that doesn’t shy away from the fact that women have all the same choice whether or not to shave (and when they do, they shouldn't have to pay more for the same quality product). Billie doesn’t patronize you or add any unnecessary frills. It’s just a set of really solid, get-the-job-done products. Where Billie stands apart is their overall aesthetic which is absolutely pristine and something I really appreciate.

*Thank you to Billie for sponsoring the products for review.