No Class: Suzanne Rae FW19

Suzanne Rae FW19  //  DNAMAG

For Fall-Winter 2019 collection, Suzanne Rae wanted to move past the collar lines by withdrawing from the labels of white and blue collar classes, especially when it came to women. In collaboration with artist Mae Elvis Kaufman and photographer Lindsey Eskind, the main inspiration was working mothers, Rae being one herself. Feminism always plays its role in the designer’s ethos. In the world’s current climate of female empowerment, she challenged the delusion that men can’t also do “women’s work” and vice versa. The lookbook portrays men in costume and Mae Elvis Kaufman as different women busy at work, multi-tasking chores and just getting shit done.

The collection itself plays into the throwback era of the 1950’s housewife and 1980’s consumerism (borrowing from “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”) with ruffles, tartan and jacquard skirts, pants, Rae’s signature square toe mary janes and of course, wide collars. Also thrown in were hoodie sweatshirts and a denim jumpsuit with the designer’s name hand-stitched on each of them.

*photo credit: Mae Elvis Kaufman, Lindsey Eskind