Review: Knours. 'The Starter Set'

Written by Alexa Wilson

With a name that stands for “Know Your Skin. Period”, Knours. is a company that doesn’t believe skincare should be one size fits all. For Knours., it’s all about working with your skin through all its ups and downs. One thing, they are and we should all try to be unwilling to experiment with when it comes to our skin is the quality of the ingredients. As an EWG-verified company, Knours. do not include any ingredients from that have been deemed unacceptable by EWG, must remain fully transparent, and follow a set of ethical manufacturing practices. Knours. is all about natural ingredients, efficiency, and making the right choice for your skin in the moment.

I got to try the Starter Set from Knours which includes a cleanser, cleansing wipes, toning mist, gel moisturizer, cream, and a face mask.

I’ve talked about the double cleansing method before, but Knours’ Your Only Cleanser takes it to another level. Just to recap, double cleansing is the process of using two separate cleansers (one oil based, the other water based) to first dissolve the pollutants, sebum, and makeup sitting on the top layer of your skin then provide a deeper cleanse with the second product. Your Only Cleanser is a 2-in-1 cleanser, meaning it starts as an oil and works into a foam. You’re still getting the benefits of the two step method while saving time, money, and shelf space because everything you need is in one bottle.

To use, apply a small amount of the nutrient-rich formula to dry skin then wet hands and massage to a lather before rinsing. Et voila--you’ve got fresh, clean skin. Because it’s got great base ingredients like olive oil and jojoba oil, Your Only Cleanser doesn’t leave skin feeling like it just got its life force sucked away. It’s really moisturizing and my skin feels soft and taut without being overly tight. My skin felt smoother, brighter, and it just makes for a great canvas to apply the next product in my routine.

Many stand alone oil cleansers leave me feeling like there’s still a film of oil on my skin which just doesn't make me feel like the cleansing process is complete. This is a great product because I can do a double cleanse and get that real refreshed, squeaky clean feeling in under a minute. It’s convenient, effective, and saves time, money, and space.

Knours’ In-Bed Cleansing Wipes are for the days you just can’t be bothered. It’s a makeup remover, cleanser, and toner you can use all without leaving the comfort of your bed. Knours just gets it, ok. Even as someone who gets excited to try new products and finds a spark of joy in doing my skincare routine, there are days when you know it’s just not gonna happen so this is a product I’m wholly prepared to start hoarding.

As the understudy for my morning or night skincare routine, it definitely got the job done. It was not as rejuvenating as separately cleansing and toning, but I expected that and didn’t mind. If I’m skipping out on skincare for the morning, I’m happy to have done something. Plus with ingredients like tea tree to cleanse, licorice to soothe, and lotus to improve complexion, your skin is still getting a healthy helping of nutrients with minimal effort. That said, it makes a world of difference in the middle of the day when you need a quick pick me up. It has a mattifying effect which is awesome if your skin gets oily throughout the day. I definitely felt like it was able to reset my skin to a more balanced, calm state.

Knours’ Double Duty Mist is another one of their products that combines multiple functions into one convenient package. Split into 2 layers, it’s a toner that can be transformed into a moisturizing mist just by shaking the contents. If you need to give your skin a zen moment, the bottom layer contains aloe vera to soothe while a blend of 7 botanicals (including rosemary and chamomile) work to balance the pH in your skin. If your skin’s looking a little dull, shake up the bottle to incorporate the top layer and provide your skin with additional nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil.

I loved using the bottom layer on its own from the get go. It’s effective as both a toner and a revitalizing mist. Whenever I used it, my skin felt refreshed, hydrated, and calm. It’s also really gentle so it’s something I loved using at any time.

Mixing the whole thing together turns the toner into a moisturizing mist. When deciding which layer to use, it’s really important to pay attention to what your skin needs in the moment. The bottom layer is great whenever, but the top layer worked best for my skin when it felt dry. When I first tried it out, my skin was more oily and stressed than usual and it just felt like I was exacerbating the problem instead of balancing things out. After giving it a second chance after my skin had calmed down, I actually really enjoyed using it. Because the bottom layer somewhat dilutes the thick consistency of the top layer, it provides moisture without making you look shiny. You just get a subtle glow. This diluted effect is also good because it helps the oil get absorbed more quickly.

It’s been really cold in San Francisco lately and I’ve found that my skin is feeling extra dry in the morning. Because it’s so luxurious and hydrating, I’ve found it really helpful to use Knours’ One Perfect Cream before bed. I let it nourish my skin through the night and wake up to hydrated, supple skin.

Not just good for nighttime, it’s a good all day moisturizer. The formulation is quite thick so I was worried it might be the kind that doesn’t really get absorbed and just creates a layer on your skin. Luckily, it isn’t! A little goes a long way with this product and you can see that it really melts into your skin. If you want a dewy glow, this is the moisturizer to reach for because it’s rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids with ingredients like baobab seed oil and shea butter.

This one is good. Very good. Knours’ Skin Meditation is lightweight gel moisturizer that’s incredibly hydrating. Looking at the ingredient list, it is full of ingredients that not only hydrate, but improve the overall health of your skin. Things like glycerin and ceramide np in particular work to improve the skin’s natural protective barrier so it can retain more moisture on its own.

The result is luminous, soft skin. I also noticed an improvement in my skin’s overall texture while using this product. It looks smooth, firm, and bright. I’ve been more into the matte look lately as well so I really appreciate the mattifying effect it has. Skin doesn’t have that dewy look, but there’s a noticeable radiance that I really like. Effective, soothing, and hydrating--Skin Meditation is actually one of my favorite moisturizers at the moment. It made my skin feel great at any time, but Knours says this product is ideal during your period week. Although I don’t personally experience hormonal acne during my menstrual cycle, I thought that was something interesting to note for anyone that does.

Designed to come through in the clutch when you’ve got a skin emergency, Knour’s Sweet Enough Rescue Mask is full of intensely moisturizing, nourishing ingredients like centella asiatica and honey. Centella asiatica is great for acne prone skin because it has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce hyperpigmentation. Honey is antibacterial, soothing, and deeply moisturizing.

You can definitely tell that honey is one of the ingredients, the essence’s consistency is thicker than others I’ve tried and honestly reminded me of a more watery honey consistency. The mask’s material is thin, but still super saturated. Because the essence is not too watery, you can definitely wear it and multitask without worrying about it sliding off. True to its name, my skin looked incredible right away. After patting the leftover serum in and letting it get totally absorbed, my skin felt refreshed, hydrated, and calm. If you’ve been skipping out on your skincare routine or just having a bad skin week, it’s definitely something I’d reach for to get back on track as soon as possible. It’s also just a great mask in general if you want supple, hydrated, bright skin.

*Thank you Knours. for sponsoring the products for review