Line To Love: Suecomma Bonnie

If fuzzy wuzzy had a good pair of shoes with the right amount of frou frou, they're most likely Suecomma Bonnie. I first discovered the Korean footwear brand on Instagram Stories thanks to @evachen212, I've yet to find a fuzzy shoe that I didn't like, but what I love about Suecomma Bonnie is the fearless factor.  It's for the girl who doesn't care about making a bold entrance, but just happens to courtesy of her shoes. The brand is already well loved abroad in Asia and Europe and only in the last year has it found its ways to the ootd's of American celebrities and influencers. Designed by Bonnie Lee, each style is a statement fit, subtly blinged out,  or soft and fuzzy. The lust is in the details. 

photo credit:, @suecommabonnie