Best of Vlogmas 2017

Happy holidays and if you're a YouTube fiend like we are that only means, Happy Vlogmas! 

Vlogmas is a month long video episode series when vloggers offer you a more introspective window into their daily lives. It's a different kind of hustle and so we give it up to these girls for creating unique and thoughtful content during the 31 days of December. We know it's not easy, because she's cramming pre-production, production and post-production into 24 hours in a day. I imagine it's a similar exhaustion to performing live on Broadway 8'x a week, but then having to edit every single day after every show. Here's to our vlogger baes that are doing the most this holiday season, we tip our Eugenia Kim pom pom beret to you. 

Rachel Nguyen of Thats Chic is still in our #1 spot, an MVP when it comes to Vlogmas binge watching. She always manages to give us an insider view into her home/work life, travels and most recently reaching an important milestone with her longtime beau Weston James Palmer. Now a veteran of Vlogmas, Rachel keeps things honest and real, which is what we love most about her series.


Jess of Sunbeamsjess is our University girl from across the pond who delights us to no end with her in depth discussions on interests from literature, tattoos, hair and Diptyque candles. All those things matter to us.


Steph and Melissa a.k.a. The Fashion Citizen are twin sisters living in Phoenix, Arizona. If the Olsen twins have taught us anything, it's that twins are a big deal. Their insta game is on par (definitely follow worthy), and twin dialogue has always interested me and as they mention in episode 1, "You can't just not do vlogmas." Agreed. 


We welcome Aja Dang to the vlogmas community and look forward to following her throughout her L.A. days and nights. I'm really into her "passion planner" and considering one for myself to kickstart 2018.  (But, isn't it just a bullet journal? I don't know yet, let's watch and see) So far Aja is all smiles and positive attitude and we love that in a vlog.