Keeping Up With Korean Skincare

You don't have to tell us - 2016 took a toll on our emotions and our face. De-stress and decrease the worry lines and wrinkles off your face with our favorite Korean skincare products. If you can keep up with a good 8 to 10 step routine, you'll feel like a brand new person. Trust. 


This baby does exactly what the name says it will do. The Banila Co. Clean It Zero is constantly on the "best of" lists and I can 100% understand why. This thing is magic. This affordable cleanser erases every inch of makeup, even your cat-eye eyeliner in an instant. Magic, I tell you. 


That's right, you need and really should wash your face twice. The Koreans believe that from all the makeup you apply on a daily that double cleansing guarantees everything comes off properly. The Phytowash Yerba Mate Cleansing Foam by Goodal is gentle, nourishing and soothing with its Brazil nut oil to deeply hydrate your skin cells. 


I just started using a sample and already planning on purchasing. I'm hooked on how gentle the Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel works on my face. You can actually feel dead skin coming off. 


Klairs Facial Toner instantly refreshes your face. I love the toner part of the 10-step process, because it feels like the perfect, smooth eraser right before you moisturize. 


If you are new to the 10-step program, I highly suggest the Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution Sheet Mask as your intro to Korean essence and sheet mask obsessions. This never fails me when I am in starter blemish mode or when I need one to disappear. It is one of the most hydrating sheet masks out there and you can even keep the remainder (there's so much inside the packet) in the fridge. 


For days or nights that you forego the sheet mask, this Snail Bee High Content Essence is integral to your skin's livelihood. Don't let the name intimidate you, the snail, aloe, willowbark and bee venom work wonders to the health and upkeep of good skin. 


I buy this in bulk and that should just about explain it. But, really Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid works as a super serum, I say "super" since it does save your skin from dryness and prevents wrinkles. (I almost love this more than my boyfriend) 


One of the most important factors is finding the right moisturizer. Goodall Moisture Barrier Cream is good for all skin types. Non-greasy, hydrates and goes on soft. Dry skin no more! 


Whatever the age, an eye cream is always a good idea. The Manuka Honey and Ceramides are a matchmade in skin heaven. Cosrx Honey Ceramide Eye Cream takes care of under-eye dark circles and sags by lifting the skin and brightening the tone. 


Growing up in California wearing SPF everyday rain or shine was as normal as eating breakfast cereal. Missha Perfect Cover SPF 42 BB Cream offers great coverage at protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays. It's non-irritaing, it's hydrating and also works great as a primer for pre-makeup routine. 

There you have it, our 10-step Korean Skin Regimen. You don't need to be so strict with it, but if it feels like all these steps are time consuming, it's really not. You dab here, pat there and even during the 20-minutes sheet mask duration, I usually do other stuff like check emails. Find your own routine and stick with it. And make sure it's products that you trust and works solely for your skin type and needs. 


*Illustrations by Evelyne Park / evydraws

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