Instead of Fast Fashion, Shop New Classics

New Classics is not your average fashion e-commerce site. It goes beyond the tag lines of “slow fashion” or “sustainable <insert noun>”. Founded by Alyssa Lau in 2014, this Canadian e-shop was born out of the harmful social impact of fast fashion. New Classics is unafraid to go against the fast fashion movement. Not only has Lau created an online business that supports creators of slow fashion/handcraft goods, but also teaches the consumer that how they shop makes all the difference.

More than a shopping destination, because Alyssa Lau teaches the terminology of fast fashion to novice sustainable consumers. In the About page, there is a plethora of solid information and food for thought on how exactly fast fashion impacts the retail industry and more importantly the global environment. New Classics is almost like sustainable shopping for dummies, as there’s a helpful side bar of categories to encourage the shoppers to learn and venture further into slow fashion. Categorized by ethical standards from fair trade, organic, vintage, made in USA, made in Canada and vegan produced items.

I especially like the product descriptions. Unlike the majority of e-commerce sites, New Classic gives it to you straight: where this item comes from, the people who make the garments, even to the fact of how and what these workers are paid. On a personal level, this allows me as a consumer to feel relieved that what I am buying and wearing is not something that was made out of greed or hardship.

If you follow Alyssa Lau on Instagram or her YouTube channel, you’ll know for a fact that she practices what she preaches.