Inside Chloë Sevigny's Closet

Inside Chloë Sevigny's closet

In this throwback video from a few years ago, Chloë Sevigny invites us into her closet of fashion and film mementos. From the start of her black boot obsession, her first collection with Opening Ceremony and rekindling with a photo circa 1994 (or 95) of her and Kate Moss backstage at Miu Miu, So immersed into fashion, the world suits Chloë just as much as her film career. Coming from the 90's she's been the ultimate cool indie girl, and has since maintained her style identity. Chloë is our Brad Pitt, especially when she says cool things like "Comme de" intentionally leaving out the Garcon,

😩 Unfortunately, Part 3 is missing. Let us know if you spot it anywhere out in cyberspace.