Girl To Know: Luna Martin

Girl to know: photographer Luna Martin // DNAMAG

Luna Martin photographs women in their bedrooms, in the park, in the shower, and everywhere else captured on the rawness of film and grain. Based in the heart of France, she very intimately conveys the everyday woman in her everyday life, using natural light and bright colors. The subjects in her photos all have a certain gaze- a certain look in their eye, their limbs, their smile. A look that just screams female empowerment in the form of simple portraiture.

Photographer and artist Luna Martin // DNAMAG

Martin photographs both young and older women and captures the similarities between them very well, having multiple photo series with women of different ages getting ready in the morning and establishing a unity between women of every age. Feminism no matter how young or old is a constant theme in Martin’s work.

I think what I like most about Martin’s website is that she organizes her portfolio by the name of the person being photographed rather than the magazine/brand/whatever the photos are used for. It’s just a personal touch that I admire and makes it even more of an experience when going looking at her photos; it’s like getting to know each person without the commercialized aspect of having a brand name attached to the photo.

Along with photography, Martin has a section on her website dedicated to her paintings, which have a striking similarity to her photos. Both of her art mediums convey the same message, putting women into the limelight. With a paintbrush in hand, Martin recreates her photos in ways that can’t be portrayed in real life.

*All images by and @lunaaharst