Girl To Know: Cat Lauigan

Cat Lauigan is a multimedia artist from the Bay Area and currently resides in Los Angeles, where she creates and collaborates with others on a variety of projects. Lauigan handcrafts beautiful garments dyed with what captures the essence of things like the waves of the ocean, marble rock, and the shadow of tree branches. Loose silhouettes comparable to clothing of the 70s mixed with elements of more modern, experimental designs distinguish her work from other artists. The garments contain desaturated earth-toned colors from natural dyes washed onto different textures. Her wearable pieces range from t-shirts to sheer overlay tops to tights. 

Poetry is incorporated into Lauigan’s project igment Poems, where she displays a collection of her garments alongside poems relating to the environment. Lauigan’s interest in sustainability and the human relations to nature is extremely present in her work. Lauigan tells LVL3 that the other inspirations she draws for her artwork come from sia, the nineties and the pacific coastline.

Works by artist Cat Lauigan // DNAMAG
Frame Denim

Lauigan is currently collaborating with BODYWORKBODYWORK on a project called “Listening Party”, where she shares other artists’ images and musical works and combines them into a book and a cassette.

Listening Party by Cat Lauigan // DNAMAG

In addition, 10% of the sales made on Lauigan’s website will help benefit the refugees who were forced to vacate their homes due to 2017 immigration ban. 

*Images via @catlauigan