Girl Crush: Paloma Elsesser

Girl crush: Paloma Elsesser via DNAMAG

We see Paloma Elsesser as not just the face, but a charismatic voice of a new generation of young women and girls. Everything about Paloma exudes self-confidence and she can't help but draw attention to the importance of body positivity. In the video interview with i-D (watch below), she talks with young school girls on being confident and honest in the way they look and interact with each other. A strong connection to ourselves creates and draws in stronger bonds with our female friendships - such as the girl gang she helps promote, Nike's International Girl Crew.  

The 25-year old model is muse to beauty legend Pat McGrath and has worked with Nike, Asos, Proenza Schouler, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and is currently the face of Glossier's campaign for their new skincare launch of Body Hero. By being 100% comfortable in her own skin and body type, Paloma hopes to disrupt the modeling industry to a point of "plus size" being part of the normalcy. 

via @palomija 

via @palomija 

Paloma's confidence is inspiring and contagious in the best sense. Beauty is never on the outside, but the words you speak and the relationships you nurture.