Review: Drifter Organics

It’s safe to say we all get the importance of skincare and that keeping a consistent routine promotes and maintains healthy skin, but even the most devoted multi-step routines is not worth half as much if the products you’re swearing are filled with harsh chemicals and other nasty irritants. The best skincare routine is one that helps strengthen skin on its own with nourishing, natural, and simple ingredients. Especially with sensitive skin types, the outer barrier is already quite reactive so having lots of powerful yet harsh (!!) ingredients in the mix can potentially leave skin feeling more irritated and depleted than anything else. If you put good things in, you’ll get good things out and that’s what Drifter Organics is all about. A mother-daughter owned and operated holistic skincare brand, Drifter has a focus on crafting beauty products that are more wholesome and mindful than most. Their philosophy: if you can’t put the ingredients in your food, why put them on your skin?

To learn more about the brand and founder, Micaela Hoo, check out our feature on Drifter Organics

Shea butter is a household name as far as skin care ingredients go which provides hydrating, tightening, and anti-inflammatory benefits thanks to its high concentration of fatty acids. Combined with a fellow emollient like cocoa butter, Drifter Organic’s Serenity Now is a lil jar of bliss.

Each of Drifter’s body butter series is made up of this shea + cocoa butter base souped up with a special blend of essential oils, so it really comes down to your preference for scent. Serenity Now is my choice and it’s steeped with palmarosa, frankincense, and lavender essential oil which I adore. My first impression (and something I totally want to give Drifter a shout out for) was how nice the scent is. Screwing off the jar of the lid, you get hit with the softest floral scent--very strolling down the lavender fields of Provence. It’s soothing before you even put the product on. Not just a pretty scent, lavender essential oil is antibacterial and works to heal wounds which is essential if you have psoriasis or eczema. I asked a friend with psoriasis to help me test Serenity Now for about a week and she gave it a glowing review. Calming and smoothing, she said it worked quickly to soften rough patches on her hands and reduce dryness.

I liked using it after showering so it gets a good chance to absorb into my skin. This body butter has a super interesting texture, I’d almost equate it to cookie dough. After melting it between palms, it gets soaked up right away so after application you aren’t left with oily, slick hands--something I dislike about my experience with some other body butters. It can be used all over, but I’d recommend using it just for the body. I found the consistency too heavy for my face. That said, it does an incredible job of giving your body a supple, radiant glow. I work extra into my elbows because I’ve noticed they’re quite dryness prone for me and Serenity Now has definitely helped soften them up.

Drifter Organics’ Imaginary Picnic just evokes images of summertime--freshly cut oranges and marmalade sunshine dappled through the trees. If you like citrus scents, this is the one for you. Imaginary picnic contains bergamot, marjoram, and lemon essential oil. Anti-inflammatory, acne-fighting, and packed with antioxidants, citrus essential oils have a long list of benefits for skin when diluted into safe amounts to prevent photosensitivity.

Containing fractioned coconut oil, it’s super lightweight and soaks straight into skin so I enjoyed applying this product on both my face and body. Fractioned coconut oil is great because you get the health benefits of normal coconut oil except it’s got an extended shelf life and won’t solidify at 76 degree. After each use, my skin felt soft to the touch and had a really nice glow. This is definitely a body oil I’d recommend for any skin type.

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