Michelle Mildenberg Illustrates the Future of Femininity

Michelle Mildenberg describes her work as design fiction. Born in Bogota, Columbia and now based in London, the young illustrator creates visual narratives that feels like we're watching a woman's life through a telescope. 

L’intime is a zine that she designed to explore the female body in context of self care and beauty. With this became the notion of Female Futures a.k.a. Femina Futura, a visual journal of how she imagines the future of femininity. A hot topic that is so presently in tune with today's culture, Mildenberg's illustrations validates our need for security and insecurity. Femina Future is situated in the year 2050, she journeys into the construction of femininity and how it speculates to womanhood and technology.  

illustrator Michelle Mildenberg // DNAMAG

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She offers a visual understanding of how cultural significances such as architecture, artificial intelligence to fashion brands are able to story-tell intimate moments and emotions.

In actuality, it is Mildenberg that is doing the storytelling. Through illustration and design, Mildenberg communicates the female persuasions and how it influences technology, wellness, arts, commerce. Her design fictions are available to purchase. 

Microgravity. Illustrations by Michelle Mildenberg // DNAMAG