Review: Nutu Skincare

Review of Nutu moringa oil and tincture via DNAMAG

Moringa, the most talked about green leaf these days, derives from the tree native to the Himalayas that has been cultivated for thousands of years for medicinal and nutritional purposes. The moringa leaves contain the world’s most nutrient-rich source of plant protein and can be consumed fresh, dried or in powdered form. Nutu comes from the French phrase nous tous, meaning “all of us.” The brand’s mission is to promote a clean cycle of health, Nutu runs on the belief that the health of the one depends on the health of the many in turn depends on the health of the one. They’re building a sustainable business by working with women-led co-ops in West Africa and regenerating the permaculture by being self-sufficient in agro-forestry.

In the recent months, moringa has been the buzz just as kale was a few years ago. What’s great about moringa is that it is all encompassing and historically goes back to Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems developed in India over 3,000 years ago) . It was also used in traditional Chinese medicine for reducing inflammation, increasing energy (proteins, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E & minerals calcium, potassium, iron, folate & magnesium), boosting immunity and preventing free radical cell damage (46 antioxidants, isothiocyanate, flavonoids), alkalizing and detoxifying the blood (circulatory stimulants) and reducing blood sugar levels. Moringa in the simplest terms is health from the ground up.

As a creative entrepreneur, moringa is the antioxidant I need everyday in order to work smarter, feel alert and to keep my overall health in pristine check.

Nutu morning leaf tincture via DNAMAG


The first to-do in my daily morning ritual is to put a full dropper of the green tincture into my matcha green tea. Depending how much you drop into water or other liquid beverage, there’s a hint of after taste, but not overly strong or pungent. Moringa Leaf Tincture is my energy booster, my mental alarm clock. I feel awake and ready, but not in the same frantic way that regular caffeine does. It offers a subtle effect, allowing my brain to function at peak level without the shakes or rough come down of my 3pm espresso high.

Review of Nutu moringa facial oil via DNAMAG


The only ingredients in this facial oil is 100% pure moringa seed oil (cold pressed), so the first thing I had to get over was the instant scent. After I got over that, was pleased at the smoothness of the oil. Morning and evening, 3 droppers each is enough to cover my face. Within minutes my face becomes incredibly soft, not sticky and any sign of wrinkles dissipates. A little does go a long way and beyond the face as moringa works on dry spots (eczema, psoriasis), cuts and scars thanks to its anti-inflammatory nutrients. I massaged some of the oil into an eczema spot on my arm and though it didn’t make it disappear, it smoothened the texture a bit and more importantly stopped the itchiness.

Nutu offers other categories of moringa such as powder (tasty, health additive to soups, pasta sauces, chia seed puddings, etc), capsules, rose salve and even moringa dark chocolate bars. There’s a ton of scientific studies that prove the power of moringa, the little leaf that could possibly change the world, improve your overall health and also create a more sustainable environment.

*Thank you to Nutu for sponsoring products for review. All opinions are based on my own experience with the products.