What To Netflix ❤️ Category: Love

What to Netflix during Memorial Day Weekend via DNAMAG

While your snooze button gets a much needed day off, the days and nights are free to binge watch and order in. Somewhere in between all that you can go out and have brunch. 


Master of None Season 2 is a wonderful work in progress, such as all our lives when it comes to post-break-up, move to Italy, meet another New Yorker, lose a New Yorker, come out to your Mom, pay your dues, all so you can fall madly in love. It's good. 


Another post-break up scenario, this is a cute indie film. It doesn't get more real than moving to the other side of town to start fresh (and not run into dreaded ex), buy a piece of furniture on Craigslist only to fall in love w/seller and visits to neighborhood craft coffee cafe. Typical L.A.