Moodboards Make It Real

Moodboards make it real.  //  DNAMAG

by Elena Chen

In our more creative outlets, we can find solace in the wonders of constructing order from chaos, structure within disarray. It allows us to manifest meaning and create physical representations of our inner worlds. Specifically, visual organisation can be soothing and helpful in manifesting and validating a lot of abstractions into materialised and more manageable forms. It can be enormously therapeutic. Recently, I made three moodboards to concretise some often times obscure (mostly to myself) emotional experiences. In facing my internal landscape, I located several emotional troughs, a few imaginative hills, and a gushing spring of thoughts leaking into a shallow river trailing across the surface. The earth, my earth, is made of black sand and white sugar. There are no tree trunks, only floating canopies shaped like clouds. Water tastes like tomorrow.

Other times I’m confounded with the nature of the terrain. It’s exactly how I imagined it to be.

Moodboard makes it real. // DNAMAG

An illogical consistency spread with a flat finish.
And finally, I’m reminded of childhood and my tendencies to think where I wasn’t ready to go.

What are your worlds like?

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