Blemish Be Gone With This All-in-One Skin Repair Cream

This super hydrating cream is formulated with 92% snail extract. For those not in the know of Korean skincare, the benefits of snail cream include anti-aging, hydrating and improving wrinkles and scars. I started using Mizon All-in-One Snail Repair Cream after a bout of the flu, which afterwards my skin had spots and blemishes. My skin had dry spots, so the need for hydrating elements were very necessary. I apply this just before my day and night moisturizer, a small scoop is enough for coverage. A few days later I noticed a blemish disappear, my skin tone was slightly evening out and dry spots no more. 

Love that it's unscented and it feels silky smooth on my face. Snail repair is a real thing, the non-believers should give it a try.