Miu Miu Whisper

Watch the holiday 2017 campaign; Miu Miu Whisper // DNAMAG

Miu Miu Whispers is the brand's holiday campaign starring Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning, Julia Garner, Chloë Sevigny and Sadie Sink. A short film that xplores the short but furtive conversations that occur in the warm window of holiday parties, wherein dialogue is as ornamented with meaning as the most thoughtful of gifts. In these edited conversations, more is said than has been communicated between friends all year: among wrapped boxes containing embroidered velvet, crystal embellishments, sparkling charms, and fluffy fur totems, rare face time is spent whispering secrets and exaltations—presents to be held tightly as the new year approaches. Becoming more precious as their original contexts fade away, these moments sparkle atop the beautiful objects with which they were exchanged.

Directed by Francesco Maria Tribelli 

Creative Director: Joakim Dahlqvist

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