Little Darlings 🍊 Siobhan

Our second spotlight in our Little Darlings series, Siobhan who is one half of the duo @remotelyfashion. We spent a semi-sunny day traipsing around Japantown as she reminisced about her life and the love she found in Tokyo. The setting was total happenstance btw, I wasn't aware that she ever lived in Japan. 💜 (Read our interview below) 

What's one piece of advice you would tell your 15 year-old self?  

Stay weird. Also, don't fret -- eyebrows and supersized lips will be making a huge comeback in 14 years. 


Someone gave you $1,000 in cash, but you had to spend it in 24 hours. Explain how you would do so.  

Buy plane tickets to Jamaica for me and best friend, Miriam Bouteba. If there's anything left, it will either go to fund multiple rounds of Dark & Stormies in Jamaica or allotted to my Acne Studios leather jacket fund.  


One app on your phone that you cannot live without? 

City Mapper. It's saved my life many times being the severely directionally-challenged individual that I am. It's helped me navigate the metro systems of London, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York and beyond.  It even sends you a little notification when your stop is coming up if you're a transit snoozer or music playlist daydreamers. I also had a mild addiction to Disney Tsum Tsum, but fortunately I've been able to break the habit (one month clean). 


What's one misconception that you think people may have of you?

I'm pretty extroverted and bubbly, so people probably think that I need to be around people all the time to be happy. I could probably spend a month in solitude without outside contact. Just as long as I have some books and a Netflix subscription (of course). 


The most important lesson you've ever learned?

That nobody knows what the hell they are doing 60% (or possibly more) of the time and the most successful person in the room is battling the same inner fragilities that we may be in.