3 Ways to Style Pastels

We're loving the muted softness of pastel tones right now. They're modern, slightly quirky, and a welcome break from the Fall trends we see every year. Although Tim Burton perhaps did it best with his marshmallowy kitsch in Edward Scissorhands, here's 3 actually wearable ways to embrace the softer side of the color wheel 🍬

1. Monochrome

If you're going to try out the pastel trend, you might as well fully commit to it, right? And I'm talking about wear-it-head-to-toe commitment. Monochromatic dressing can look simple, so muted hues add just a touch of softness and playfulness to the look.

2. Pair With Deeper Tones

Contrasting tones of either complimentary colors or a single hue work really well with this one. Think either a pale blue tank or blush blouse with deep blue trousers.

3. Juxtapose With Menswear

There's almost something sickly sweet about the soft hue of pastels, but that's what makes it so good to juxtapose with more masculine pieces. Whether that means infusing the two together or having them work side by side, it's definitely refreshing. 

Rolla's / Slouch Jacket

Marais USA / Jane Mule

Alexa Chung / Single Breasted Jacket

Victoria Beckham / Blue Sheer Pocket Blouse

Lisa Says Gah / Capri Linen Wrap Skirt

Paloma Wool / Pia Shoes

Written by Alexa Wilson

Opening image via Lisa Says Gah

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