Halsey's Poetic Justice @ Women's March 2018

Halsey's poetic justice at Women's March 2018 // DNAMAG

Singer Halsey gave an awe inspiring and moving speech that gave poetic justice and reason why women march. In lyrical form, Halsey's speech spoke from personal experiences and her moment at the podium made every woman and girl feel liberated, emotional and not alone. 

It’s 2009 and I’m 14 and I’m crying
— Halsey
"A Story Like Mine" watch Halsey's moving speech at Women's March // DNAMAG

The poem is titled "A Story Like Mine", Halsey recited her own experience with Planned Parenthood and sexual assault. Beautiful yet saddened words inflicted with graphic imagery, Halsey captured the audience on a global scale, because it's what women go through. It's hard to get through the first couple of verses without breaking into tears, but they're strong tears. 

What's important to know now that it is not just a march it is now a movement. The things we do going forward has to help and support other women who may not have a voice. It's up to us to make the future better. 

Stay current on what the next steps and initiatives are by subscribing to Women's March.  For the creatively inclined, you can support and promote the artwork by For All Womankind. Both of these amazing groups also have volunteer opportunities.