Girl To Know: Mimi Bay

Girl to Know: Mimi Bay // DNAMAG

Known simply as “Mimi” (or “Hi I’m Mimi”) on Youtube, Mimi Bay’s roots come from doing covers of songs, vlogs, and thrifting videos. Mimi posted a cover of “La Vie en Rose” ten months ago on her Youtube channel, showcasing her personal musical style and foreshadowing the similar acoustics on her EP released soon after. In November of 2017, Mimi expanded her career as a musician when she released her debut EP titled I Will Be Okay. I Will Be Okay features three originals previously debuted on her Youtube channel. The EP keeps things short and sweet with a total of five acoustic songs in the span of eleven minutes.

With a ukelele in hand and lyrics written from the perspective of a broken heart, Mimi writes I Will Be Okay as the brief soundtrack to the movie of anyone’s struggling love life. After my first listen, the EP struck me as especially similar to Gabrielle Aplin’s earlier music, specifically the English Rain album. Both artists have a similar light, airy voice and and organic singer-songwriter pop tunes.

Girl to Know: Mimi Bay // DNAMAG
Girl to Know: Mimi Bay // DNAMAG

The opening song on the EP is a short forty second song, “A Little 60s Love”. The song is exactly what the title claims it is- a little love song with a mindset in the Summer of Love, yet has timeless lyrics nonetheless.

“But now I feel like you and me don't belong here no more

Like you and me are destined for something more

The people here are plastic and stone

The way we feel is true and pure

The way we feel is unimaginable to

To them”

(A Little 60s Love, Mimi)


"The title track summarizes the whole album as the cycle of love, the persistence of it, and how it comes and goes:"

“I didn’t ask for much, I just wanted to feel your touch

When your eyes met mine I used to feel butterflies inside

We watched the sunset and watched the clouds slowly pass us by

But you didn’t love me so you chose to say good bye”

(I Will Be Okay, Mimi)

Mimi has garnered even more of a following after the release of her music, and fans are even posting covers of her songs on Youtube. Mimi is just starting up her multifaceted career as a youtuber and a musician and there's definitely more to come. Follow @hiimmimib.