Girl To Know: Maya Laner

Written by Alexandria Yip

Maya Laner is known as the vocalist and bassist of the synth-pop band Porches. She also appeared on (Sandy) Alex G’s most recent album, ockets ast year. Laner has recently started her solo music journey, going under the name “True Blue”.

Laner’s EP titled Edge O was released in February of 2018 and consists of five songs with synth beats distinguishably similar to her work on Porches. However, like with every musician, there is no such thing as creating the same sonic experience throughout different musical projects. Laner describes the process, “It’s almost like you have yourself, and then you just open up a pocket over here and pour a little of whatever you want into it, and then it’s something else” (Interview Magazine). 

Girl to know: Maya Laner // DNAMAG

For Laner, the process of creating dge Of ame naturally and stemmed from a love of creating beats and self-producing them. Laner is from the Bay Area and was interested in creating music ever since she was younger. True Blue started out as a small side project for Laner to create music in college, where she messed around with a synthesizer and learned how to use Ableton from her younger brother. Shortly after discovering her passion for beat-driven music, she was invited to open a show for Greta Kline (Frankie Cosmos / ex-bassist of Porches) and doors opened from there. When Kline quit Porches, Laner was invited to join Porches as the new bassist. Laner was almost relieved to take on the opportunity to drop out of college and pursue music.

Girl to know: Maya Laner // DNAMAG

Musically, True Blue is cool- nonchalant, if sound was given a persona. Laner writes danceable songs that exuberate energy. Her sound is similar to a mix of Grimes (specifically the 2012 Visions lbum) and Porches (obviously an influence), utilizing synth beats and repetition.

Girl to Know: Maya Laner // DNAMAG

Laner is currently in the process of creating new content, trying to find the best way to release music independent of a label and the baggage the music industry comes with. dge O is available for purchase on True Blue’s bandcamp