Girl To Know: Camilla Engstrom

A girl to know: Artist Camilla Engstrom via DNAMAG

Born in 1989 in Örebro, Sweden, Camilla Engstrom is the female artist that every millennial girl wants to be like or at least friends with. She certainly fills the cool millennial quotas being of Chinese and Swedish descent, she's an artist whose done commercial work for GAP, Vans and Monki and the topper is that she really gets fashion, a.k.a her style is on point. A past, present and future girl crush if there ever was one. Engstrom lives and works in Gowanus, Brooklyn, home to many up-and-coming artists. There is a constant humor and personal humility in her work, any piece can be used as a good conversation starter, such as her dick pics.  Then there's Husa, her illustration character that take center stage and finds herself doing the most charismatic things from befriending a gang of mice to staging herself as Rei Kawakubo. Much more outgoing than the artist herself (according to the artist), Husa is quite possibly the Sasha Fierce of Engstrom. 


Click here for Camilla Engstrom's recent collaboration with fashion line Dim Sum. 

*all images via and @camillamengengstrom