Review: FaceTory Subscription Box

Written by Alexa Wilson

If you’re just starting to get into Korean skincare, there’s a big chance the first thing you tried was a sheet mask. Infused with powerful, fast-acting serums and affordable to boot, they are the perfect way to do a lot for your skin’s health without having to dedicate yourself to that notorious 10-step routine.

With the vast selection of Korean sheet masks on the market, deciding on which product to use can either be totally overwhelming or exciting. Whichever side of the coin you find yourself on, FaceTory wants to help. With their subscription box service, you receive a set of sheet mask that are curated by the FaceTory team of fan favorites and the latest trends each month. There’s even a really cute quiz to help them curate a set of masks that target your specific needs. My result was ‘combination skin’ and they suggested a set of 7 masks that would keep my skin moisturized, but reduce excess oil.

Whether you want to try any-and-every mask you encounter or just need help getting steered in the right direction, FaceTory’s subscription box is a service I’d definitely recommend and one will continue using in the future. For my first set, I received four distinct, fun masks that I really enjoyed using.

Ariul’s 7 Days line essentially features 7 different masks wherein each targets a specific skin concern--from complexion brightening to sebum control. Aimed towards protecting your skin from the sun, Ariul Green Tea 7 Days Mask features an ingredient I talked about really recently--glycerin! Think of glycerin as your skin and hair’s personal trainer, working to build up a protective barrier and get your skin better prepared to hold onto its natural moisture. Green tea, one of my favorite skin care ingredients, is also a key ingredient in this mask (I mean, obviously~). Green tea extract does great stuff for your skin including carrying anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.

Ok, so I have to start out by saying I’m obsessed with this mask. Don’t be deceived by the name, you get results immediately. The formula is slightly milky, but really lightweight and soothing. So many masks leave skin feeling tacky even after patting in the leftover serum, but my skin soaked up everything right away. It left my skin looking luminescent with a really pretty, natural glow. My face felt so soft and my pores looked incredible as well. I have problems with large pores around my t-zone, but this helped unclog and slightly blur their appearance.

This is the kind of mask you can use in the morning because of how fast it turns the skin around. When a mask has a richer formula, it can tend to leave my face looking shiny in a bad way (think more sweaty than dewy). If your skin needs that extra boost in the morning, Ariul’s 7 Days Mask in Green Tea is the one to reach for!

FaceTory - Sun Bae Soothing Mask

Beyond carrying the most popular sheet mask brands in Korea, FaceTory has its own creation as well! Facetory’s Sun Bae Soothing Mask is especially formulated to restore skin after prolonged sun exposure. Aloe gives your skin a boost of vitamins and moisture while jojoba seed oil treats acne and dryness. This mask’s serum also features betaine which is a powerful ingredient for improving the feel and texture of your skin.

My first impression was how thin the fabric was, but how much serum it held. The grip of the mask is really great actually. Lots of nonwoven fabrics like rayon can easily slide out of place, meaning you’ll have to lie down to make sure your mask doesn’t slowly melt down your face. I wore it while running around my room trying to pick out an outfit for the night and it stayed right in place. Super moisturizing, soothing, and lightweight--this is a good mask to use when you’re skin is irritated or sensitive. It definitely leaves skin looking brighter and really healthy. Plus, it smells like cotton candy!

Look At Me - Essence Face Mask (Vitamin)

Look At Me’s Essence Face Mask aims to correct complexion by evening out pigmentation and promoting hydration. Ingredients like niacinamide (improves appearance of pores), sunflower seed oil (fights inflammation and softens skin), as well as royal jelly extract (helps heal epidermis) work together to essentially wake your skin up and make it brighter.

This mask smells really good--like a freshly cut lemon. Citrusy scents can veer into artificiality but this one was so natural and subtle. My first impression beyond scent was the fact that there was less extra serum than most other masks in the bag, but the mask itself is holding a lot--which is the important part! This might be in part due to the thicker consistency of the formula, it could be adhering better to the sheet. It’s not slimy like other serums, but more creamy. The Essence Face Mask is something I’d recommend if you have dry skin because it really floods your skin with moisture.

One thing I didn’t like about this product is how long it took to absorb. I’d say my face felt sticky to the touch for 20 minutes even after patting the excess in. That’s why I’d suggest using this one for nighttime just because it creates a pretty thick layer of serum over your skin for awhile. But once you wake up after having that layer of nutrients soak in overnight, my complexion did look noticeably brighter and more hydrated.

MJ Care - Aqua Bamboo Black Mask

I saved MJ Care’s Aqua Bamboo Black Mask for last just because I was so excited to try it! The majority of sheet masks are cotton soaked in serum, but this particular product is made from bamboo charcoal. Instead of just being a vehicle for the serum, this means that even the fabric itself is working to improve your skin. Charcoal in general is a great ingredient for pulling out sebum, but the Aqua Bamboo Black Mask also contains bamboo extract to revitalize skin after unclogging pores.

You can definitely feel the difference between the bamboo charcoal sheet and the classic cotton ones. This one is heavier and more dense. I like that it is able to hold so much serum, but I had trouble just trying to unfold it because it was so saturated and the material is somewhat gel-like. Unlike other masks that retain a lot of serum, it didn’t feel tacky and absorbed into my skin really well. Shortly after taking off the mask, my skin felt so smooth and silky. It has a super impressive turnaround. I used it at night, but by morning my skin was dewy and felt really hydrated. As someone with combination skin, I think this is a great option for balancing it out. The charcoal combats oiliness while the bamboo extract hydrates dry areas.