Review: Verb's Ghost Collection

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Written by Alexa Wilson

Over sweet potato lattes in Japantown’s Peace Plaza, I asked a friend if she can tell I’m an Aries because I really just don’t feel like one. To which she said, “yeah, I do. Because you’re stubborn, but about the right things”. I have to agree and this stubbornness (while not always a bad thing!) extends beyond my personality--my hair takes on this trait just as much as I do. It can go through stages of being flat-and-oily to oily-and-frizzy to frizzy-and-dry to absolutely perfect (of course on the days I don’t have any plans). Over the years, I’ve been more inclined to just let it do it’s own thing and play it by ear so when Verb sent over several items from its Ghost Collection, I was excited to see if they could help me keep my hair in check.

Verb’s Ghost collection is comprised of a shampoo, conditioner, oil, hair prep treatment, dry oil, and hairspray. The line gets its ephemeral title from the lightweight, quick absorbing benefits of the moringa oil which features in each product. Although aptly named for the season, the price is definitely not spooky. Developed by professional hair stylists to provide their clients with high quality products at an affordable price point, every stand alone item from Verb only costs $16. Plus, Verb is cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and sulfate-free which is always awesome to hear.


I started off by testing the Ghost Shampoo and Ghost Conditioner. My first thought when using them was how nice they smell. Verb describes it as a grapefruit oatmeal scent, although the citrusy grapefruit notes are the most prominent. As far as formulation, the shampoo and conditioner both have a very lush, satin texture. This makes them feel really lightweight and they don’t lather up much. I used them for three weeks, but I saw a difference after just the first try. My hair was softer, bouncy, and had a good amount of volume without looking too poofed out like it can tend to do. On the other side of the coin, my hair can also end up looking really flat when I brush it in the morning, but the volume from Verb’s product held up. I also noticed my hair wasn’t as tangled in the morning!


The Ghost Prep product is meant to help your hair stay in place after styling and to prevent heat damage. I’m currently growing my bangs out so I use Ghost Prep to blend them into my hair when I have extra time. I run the product through my hair, style it, then blow dry. Blow drying actually not only dries off the surface of your follicles, but also sucks the moisture out of their inner layer. This is what causes long term damage like brittleness or the cracking of the cuticle. A key ingredient in Verb’s formulation, glycerin, works to directly combat that. It strengthens your hair to allow it to hold onto more of its natural hydration and works as a conditioner for dry hair. As a result, the Ghost Prep definitely kept my hair looking super healthy and soft. My hair still had a nice bounce and movement to it so that was a huge positive for me. It also glides through damp hair really easily and evenly so you don’t have to use much to get the job done. The only downside was that it didn’t settle down my frizz in the way I was hoping. There definitely wasn’t as much as I usually see when I blow dry my hair without any product, but it’s worth mentioning. Luckily, using the Ghost Oil after pats down all the stray hairs left so I’d recommend using them together!


As I mentioned, Verb’s Ghost Oil did an awesome job of taming my stray hairs and leaving it looking radiant. It’s lightweight, absorbs instantly, and makes your hair feel so soft and healthy. I’ve noticed that other hair oils I’ve tried tend to feel sticky or leave behind a residue, but this one doesn’t. It just vanishes. I definitely see why it’s a bestseller. Not to mention, a little goes a long way with this product. My hair is quite thick and I still only typically used one small squeeze of product. I used too much in one go when I first tried it out and ended up looking a little greasy so my advice is to start with a single pump of the oil then add another if you want more shine.


Read our review of VERB hair care products // DNAMAG

Verb’s Ghost Dry Oil is one of my favorites from this collection. It’s such a quick and easy pick me up for whatever issue I’m having with my hair. Just a quick spray makes hair so much more cooperative and easier to style. No to mention, it does an amazing job of mattifying and adding volume to slightly oily hair. It never left my hair feeling weighed down or hard to the touch. Similar to a dry shampoo, it revitalizes hair in an instant and is a must have for those days when you really just don’t have the time or patience to mess around with your hair. Unlike a dry shampoo which pulls oil out, Verb’s dry oil injects hydration back into your hair. They can be used together, but I found that just the Ghost Dry Oil on it’s own worked really well. Just like the other Ghost products—it was really lightweight, didn’t leave any sticky residue, and lasted the entire day!

Toner, Serum and Primer in one, the new Aqua Hydrating Skin Prep from eos

Verb’s Ghost Collection is a really great range. All their products are incredibly easy to use, show results quickly, and do a lot of great things for your hair. You really are getting quality products for a fair price. Not to mention, the packaging is gorgeous--minimalistic, monochrome, with a striking sans serif font.

I’d definitely recommend the Verb Ghost Collection products to any hair type. They’re all really lightweight, but a little goes a long way with them. Plus, they’re really easy to build up if you have much thicker hair. Everything is so low maintenance and gets absorbed quickly, but it makes a noticeable, almost immediate difference.

*Thank you to Verb for sponsoring the products for review.