Designing Women

by Madeleine Cotton

Most interior designers are used to being associated with a certain trend or particular style whether it is in a fabric, wallpaper or lifestyle. These days, there are so many designers on the rise that take a different approach to classic interior decorating by adding their own personalities to projects. Here are 3 women that may be known as the next generation in talent in interior design.


Born in Tehran, India Mahdavi has brought so much glamour to the interior design world. After travelling between New York, Massachusetts, Heidelberg and Venice, she returned to Paris to become a studio director. Ever since, she has been designing projects around the world. One of Mahdavi’s notable works is the gallery at Sketch in London pictured below. She notes that most of her influences come from American pop culture, cartoons, and Disney movies.

Fashion Bunker - BNKR


Sarah Kuchar has one motto to live by- “no rules”. Her firm employs 5 women that challenge the rules of design by mixing different experiences on different projects. One of the firm’s passions is in featuring neon signs because of popularity in style and classic perspective. The above photo is a work from the Red Cloud Studio music school in Chicago.


After her time spent at McMillen, Inc., up and coming interior designer Lilly Bunn has shown that her talent is cheerful and saturated with sophistication. Centered in New York, bursts of color in uptown projects are her thing. Everything in her work is meticulously curated to meet the needs of formality and livability.