Keep It Close To Your Chest

Fashion's love for comfort-driven, dad-inspired styles reaches beyond chunky sneakers and baseball caps. Fanny packs have become the stand-out accessory of the past season and we’re really into it. Styled high across the chest, it feels modern and nonchalant instead of...well, kind of lame. But sporty bags like the fanny pack aren’t the only type of bag that gets an upgrade when hiked higher than usual, boxy or sculptural bags can be really compelling as well. The super high crossbody bag sort of pulls double duty as an accessory--it's functional and refreshing.

Because you're fastening it close to your side, pair your crossbody bag with either casual, streetwear inspired clothing or with sleek, menswear inspired silhouettes. Think blazers, hoodies, basic tees that need a pick-me-up, and turtlenecks. Just remember, the shorter the strap, the better ❣️

Written by Alexa Wilson

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