The Truth Comes In Many Shades of Pink, Inside Husa's Garden

Husa's Garden by Camilla Engstrom // DNAMAG

Camilla Engstrom’s new work Husa’s Garden is rooted in the artist’s mythology of "Husa," the Swedish word for house maiden, Husa's Garden invites the viewer to join our heroine through her stages of enlightenment as she zig zags through multiple dimensions reality.

Husa is pink, although the truth is that she comes in many forms and it really depends on her mood. She is spiritual, though some have called her petty. She loves to drink wine and cause trouble, but she also meditates a lot. She's not yet an ascended saint, but she toys with the idea. In the garden, she moves quickly and if you aren't watching she'll rile up the flora and fauna, causing some of the flowers to get horny or others to laugh hysterically. Sometimes she whispers secrets to flowers and they get very angry. She never strays from a little controversy. Husa does not believe in an ugly world and employs her relationship with Mother Earth to make everything better. When it rains and thunders, you'll find her dancing, mostly to Drake's God's Plan.

Husa's Garden by Camilla Engstrom // DNAMAG
Camilla Engstrom's Husa's Garden // DNAMAG
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Husa's Garden by Camilla Engstrom // DNAMAG
Husa's Garden by Camilla Engstrom // DNAMAG
Camilla Engstrom's new work Husa's Garden at Hilde Gallery  //  DNAMAG

Swedish born Camilla Engstrom is now based in Los Angeles. Husa’s Garden is her first solo exhibition at HILDE. Her work tends to have one primary function, to make women feel great about being alive. This deceptively simple conceit has been the catalyst for an entire universe of big breasted pink ladies humorously disguising allegorical truths.

Currently on exhibit at Hilde Gallery 4727 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles (in Midcity)

*photos courtesy of Hilde Gallery

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