Laundry Day with Ariana Roviello of Laundré

Ariana Roviello of Laundré // DNAMAG

Imagine a way cooler Central Perk if there were to be a Friends reboot. Laundré would be the ultimate hangout for the millennial versions of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebes.

It's not just the location, Sightglass Coffee, bagels and atmosphere that makes it millennial friendly, Laundré is a multi-task establishment. Laundromat slash cafe slash gallery slash a really cool place to get work, laundry and hanging out done all in one spot. This community vibe that sits in the heart of the Mission District in San Francisco was created by Ariana Roviello. When you think of laundromats, you don't equate it with airy, sunny, open space. You walk inside Laundré and it's approachable, relatable and functional. 

Ariana Roviello of Laundre // DNAMAG

DNAMAG: Where did you grow up and what did you want to be when you grew up? 

ARIANA ROVIELLO: I grew up in Sonoma, California. When I was young I wanted to be a pop star - but who doesn’t?! 

DNAMAG: What was the light bulb moment when you decided that opening up  Laundréwas a really good idea? And what came first the idea of the laundromat or the cafe? 

ARIANA: I had initially come up with the concept while in college but had never thought seriously about pursuing it until I was a year out of school. I kept having terrible laundromat experiences and finally thought, if no one is going to make this better I will.

Laundré, a laundromat and cafe in San Francisco // DNAMAG
Ariana Roviello of Laundré // DNAMAG
Laundré, a laundromat and cafe in San Francisco // DNAMAG

DNAMAG:  You've conceptualized this very unique space of cafe, mini-gallery and laundromat. Would you say that you're experimenting with ideas and expectations or is this what you initially wanted?

ARIANA: At its core this is what I initially envisioned which I’m really proud of. There is definitely some tweaking I’d do for additional locations but overall, I’m really happy with the outcome of this one!

DNAMAG: What are some other cool things to find or do around your Mission neighborhood?

ARIANA: The Mission is bustling with a ton of amazing businesses and fun things to do. I love going to 20 Spot for an afterwork glass of wine or grabbing a very large and very good burrito from Pancho Villa.

DNAMAG:  Advice for those who want to start their own business, do's and dont's?

ARIANA: I don’t think there are do’s and dont’s for starting your own business. People start their companies in a variety of different ways and that’s whats so cool about it. I love learning about how people got from point A to point B. All I would say is to be persistent and stay true to your vision. 

DNAMAG: Any wash/dry tips to share to make their next laundry visit an easy one?  

Laundré a laundromat and cafe in San Francisco // DNAMAG
Interview with Ariana Roviello of Laundré // DNAMAG


 If you're in San Francisco and travel with laptop, love coffee and need to do a quick load, go hang out at @Laundré  @ 2401 Mission St (x 20th St). Last wash is at 9pm.  

*Photography by Alexandria Yip