5 Films To Watch on Netflix Before the New Year

5 films on Netflix to watch during holiday break  // DNAMAG

Contributed by Madeleine Cotton

Just as you thought the holidays were over, pop over to Netflix and you’ll see that they are still in full force. Find a good amount of holiday themed classics to watch over and over again. Then stay for the feel-good films that require you to snuggle into your favorite pj’s and the secret stash of Christmas popcorn you’ve been hoarding.

5 Films to watch on Netflix during holiday break  //  DNAMAG


Billy Bob Thornton stars as the worst mall Santa whose ultimate goal is to steal from the store safe after hours. Perfect late night Christmas watch.

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5 films to watch on Netflix during holiday break // DNAMAG


One of the most charming holiday films to watch. The movie follows ten separate, interconnected stories around London at Christmas time, but they all boil down to the same basic idea about love.



This 90’s cult classic indie film is the reason the fashion of that era keeps coming back. Empire Records follows a day in the lives of cool, hipster kids working in a record store who are desperately trying to save their shop from evil corporate America.



If there was a perfect teen romance flick that didn’t include a vampire coven, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is it. The main character Lara Jean Covery (Lana Condor) is all of us, or at least the girl we wish we could have been in our teenage heartbreak years. (So anxious for the sequel)



The teen version of Little Miss Sunshine with the same amount of good heartedness and confidence that one plus-size girl can have. This mother-daughter story centers around Willowdean Dickson (Danielle Macdonald) who enters a beauty pageant as a protest and her former beauty queen mom (Jennifer Aniston) who over judges her.