5 Affordable Art Pieces To Buy Now

It is easier than ever to support women in the arts and design. You don't necessarily need to spend money or time at Art Basel to discover new talents. Your smartphone and tablet provides immediate access to creative works right at your fingertips. This post is for the beginner art collectors, the millennial who needs help decorating her first solo apartment and for all of us who just wants to support the new generation of female artists. 


Roche III

The Heidies is a collaboration between photographer Pascaline Dargant and artist and dancer Caroline Denervaud, hailing from Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland, respectively. Conceived in Paris during an impromptu photoshoot in 2014, Dargant began photographing Denervaud rehearsing choreography, giving rise to an altogether new artistic practice for the pair.

In the Roche series, The Heidies propose a story of transformation. Staged on a symbolic set created with raw material including fabric, paper and painting, the duo’s imagery portrays a figure hiding in plain sight while eluding to imaginary freedom and escape.


Utopia Ladies

Michelle Mildenberg is a a Colombian–French designer and illustrator.  Her main focus are imageries: sets of images that create universes, daydreams and stories about people, institutions, products, concepts and brands. The artist believes in the importance of thinking about the possibilities of how to represent emerging and future concepts in ethical and responsible ways. 

"I kind of love putting women in futuristic scenarios. " - Michelle Mildenberg on the Utopia series

Carolin Löbbert


Carolin Löbbert graduated in 2008 with a focus on illustration and graphics at HAW Hamburg . Since then she has exhibited her work in various group and solo exhibitions - including in Tokyo, Antwerp and Berlin - as well as in magazines and anthologies. 

From the series »Tutti Frutti«
digital print on 250g/m2 Offsetpaper


Untitled IV

Gia Coppola is a photographer and filmmaker. She has shot for Japanese Vogue and co-directed a short film with Tracy Antonopoulos for Opening Ceremony starring Jason Schwartzman and Kirsten Dunst. Gia’s talent has also captured the interest of fashion prodigy Zac Posen, who chose Coppola to shoot a film for his latest collaboration with Target. “She’s going to be the next Coppola force to be reckoned with,” Posen insists. "They just genetically, aesthetically, have something—they’re able to capture magic.” Gia is currently working on directorial work and resides in Los Angeles.

Archival Pigment Print | 2016; inspired in part by the saturated cinematography of Robert Altman’s film, 3 Women. The 1977 movie’s muted Californian landscape served as a visual reference when scouting for the right backdrop to showcase Gucci’s 2016 womenswear collection, designed by Alessandro Michele. As Coppola describes, “On location, we found some similarities between the film and the fashion. Altman’s storytelling wasn’t linear and existed in a grey area between the real and the unreal.


Fizzy Flowers

Sara Andreasson is an illustrator and designer originally from Kristinehamn, Sweden. Currently based in London. 

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