What Princess Diana Gave Us

What Princess Diana Gave Us .... via DNAMAG

No matter what year you were born, everyone thoughtfully remembers the late Diana, Princess of Wales. She remains the most talked about woman in pop culture. Growing up, my mother adored the fairytale spectacle that was Diana's life. Outside of my story books, she was my first real princess. Unlike the childhood versions, her story never seemed as whimsical or happily ever after. By the time I reached my late teens it was obvious that she was unlike any fairtyale princesses. In fact she broke the everlasting mold. Diana lived as an independent woman who under the perverse eyes of paparazzi had no choice but to find it within herself to move on. And isn't that what all women do (regardless of a swarm of cameras following you)? Today is the 20th anniversary of her death and we look back at Diana's legacy as the People's Princess. In some ways she shaped us and the everyday values we live by today. 

What Princess Diana gave us ... via DNAMAG


Not every man is a Prince Charming, and boy did she show us that blatantly and to the point. But, when you lose once at love, it doesn't mean that you give up on it. She showed us that we should never stop looking for love. It's there.  

What Princess Diana gave us ... via DNAMAG


The happiest she looked in photos was when she was with her kids. As any mother would attest that mother and child bond is unbreakable. In the HBO documentary, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy,  it was so awesome to see rare footage of her standing up to the paparazzi during a ski trip with her boys. Famous or non-famous, Diana just did what any mother would do to protect her children. 

What Princess Diana gave us .. via DNAMAG


A golden rule that my father instilled into me is also the same character trait that Diana has left behind. No matter what you do in life, always help people. The 80's were known as the era of greed when Wall Street was king, cars were status symbols and cocaine was the norm of the days. Here she was traveling to the trenches and showing the world the other side of life, the toxic landfills and those who had to suffer along with it. She made the homeless visibile to the public eye and brought the AIDS epidemic to the forefront. Where there was greed, Diana took the farthest route from it to help those in the most unfortunate circumstances. She practiced kindness and wasn't afraid to be there for sick and homeless people. 

What Princess Diana gave us ... via DNAMAG


I've watched enough documentaries and trolled Google to the fullest on all things Diana and what I take from her legendary existence is that you never give up. When you fall, you just get back up. When you don't feel like facing everyone, put on something really pretty to distract. When the world is being cruel to you for no apparent reason, remember that there's people suffering and that will always matter more. Enter George Michael (another great legend and close friend to Diana) singing "you've gotta have faith." 

What Princess Diana gave us ... via DNAMAG


Diana was by far the most memorable style icon of our time. Women like her and Jackie O were just born with wonderful taste and understood what looked good on their body and how it made them feel. By today's standards, she was fashion's first "It Girl" with her loyal ties to designers, even her workout clothes appeared all too chic (the true inventor of athleisure?). Mostly, Diana carried herself with the utmost confidence, no matter what she was feeling on the inside. She was or rather still is, the epitome of timeless. 

**As we all know by now, Princess Diana was the most photographed person in the world. We would love to credit each image, but frankly impossible. All photos were taken from Pinterest and Tumblr.