So Sofia

Sofia Coppola interview in Dazed...

“I didn’t feel like teenage girls were represented in an authentic way when I was growing up... I love young women and wanted to make work for them that I wanted to see” - Sofia Coppola

Dazed Magazine's Summer 2017 Issue spotlights the recent Cannes 'Best Director' winner (and our longtime muse) Sofia Coppola. She's the cool girl's director, her films portray young women in dreamlike states, but with raw subtlety. From The Virgin Suicides where Coppola manages to storytell a beautiful tragedy, but with hope and nostalgia. She delivers her own twist of coming-of-age, sometimes mixed with personal history. For example, Coppola went through a real-life Charlotte phase in Lost In Translation. She modernized the historical period film Marie Antoinette to be somehwat relevant to modern day female audience. The lust of a one true love, the frustration of expectations and the longing for simpler times. She gets captivated by her muses, Kirsten Dunst being a signature figure and recently Elle Fanning in The Beguiled.  In this rare interview, she opens up to Dazed about the "imprisonment of being a girl", which is in reference to the theme of The Virgin Suicides and why she particularly likes to work with young women.  READ THE FULL INTERVIEW

*Watch her behind-the-scenes of 'The Beguiled' video "Girls Gone Wild".

photography by Mark Borthwick